Mindsum helped me with my PTSD in lockdown

Mindsum helped me with my PTSD in lockdown

Mindsum helped me with my PTSD in lockdown 2560 1844 Team Mindsum

I have been recently diagnosed with PTSD, after many years of silent suffering that I had been going through. The most obvious symptoms I have are, inability to control my anger and emotions, feeling socially awkward and a sense of being worthless.

My PTSD is deep-rooted in my traumatic experience I went through as a teenager. Because of my condition, it was hard to get proper sleep, as I had flashbacks and nightmares. As a result, I was becoming more tired and depressed. The more depression I had, the angrier I became. Managing anger was a real struggle as it was ruining my relationships. My friends and family suggested that I should seek help. And that’s what I did. I searched for a therapist online and finally started my therapy sessions. My therapist was helpful, and she devised the mindfulness and yoga plan specifically suited for me.

I was felling the difference after I started my sessions with my therapist. After a few weeks of following ‘therapy plan’ with my therapist, the government announced lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This meant, my therapist could no longer visit me for my weekly sessions. Also, she had to take care of her mother, so she could not even offer me any online therapy sessions. Basically, I was back to square one. So, my search for the therapist started again. This is how I found Mindsum.

Mindsum was quick to understand my condition and based on the information I provided, they connected me with a therapist. I was amazed to see how quick the whole process was. Also, the therapist was able to offer me the support and therapies online, over a video call. I’ve been practising mindful sessions with my therapist and also got the instructions on how to practice mindfulness on my own before I sleep.  And the best part, it’s all free.

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