Landbot helping people get free mental healthcare

Landbot helping people get free mental healthcare

Landbot helping people get free mental healthcare 2560 1920 Team Mindsum

Here at Mindsum, we had a challenge: how to provide relevant information to our website visitors. As you can imagine, we have information related to 8 different mental health conditions. And each condition has separate pages for symptoms, causes and treatments. Instead of letting our users sift through various pages, we thought it would be better integrating a conversational chatbot who can navigate a user to the right information and a call-to-action based on their preferences.

This is how our search for chatbots started. After thorough research, we finalised three contenders – Flow XO, Botsify and Landbot. We had the opportunity to test all three bots, with a free trial. For us, the three major deciding factors were ease of use, friendly support and multi-platform integration – website, social media and WhatsApp. The verdict: Landbot exceeded our expectations in all our criteria by a considerable margin.  

We were amazed to see how easy to use Landbot is. In less than 30 minutes, we had our first bot ready, who could navigate a user to the relevant article, and also schedule a call! Also, we hardly needed to contact Landbot support team as the chatbot builder is so intuitive. However, when we needed a bit of handholding, the support was just a click away. Landbot has an amazing support team, always happy to help. Thirdly, with only a few clicks, Landbot was deployed to our website, social media and we could also sync data with our CRM, Mailchimp, and even Google spreadsheet.

As a non-profit organisation, the cost is always a consideration. Landbot, with so many features, is still cheaper than Botsify. Flow XO, charge less than Landbot, but it has very few features compared to Landbot, and they charge extra for adding more bots or having more interactions.

Once we decided to go with Landbot, we approached Landbot leadership to explain our mission. Appreciating our work, Landbot CEO offered his help to further our cause. Support from Landbot has enabled us to build meaningful relationships with our visitors, volunteers and partners. This means children, young people and their parents can have a better user experience when looking for the right information and support on our website.

We strongly believe technology can be harnessed for good. It’s what we use. It’s where we go. And it’s through technology that we can deliver mental health and wellbeing tools at scale to make a difference in the world. And with Landbot’s support, we are one step closer to make that difference. 

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