Eligibility Criteria & FAQs

Please read the eligibility criteria and FAQs before applying for the grant

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria for guardians or carers

We help guardians/carers across the UK who are caring for a child or young person with mental health conditions aged 24 or under. Young people who are 16 – 24 can apply for a Bloom grant themselves. Each young person, child or their guardian can apply for the grant once every 12 months (subject to funding).

You can apply for the grant if:

  • You live in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales
  • You are the parent or carer of a child or aged 2-15 who lives with you (Sprout Grant)
  • You are a young person aged 16-24 (Bloom Grant)
  • You are currently living in the UK and done so for at least six months. You are eligible to work and apply for public funds
  • Your child is not in Local Authority care
  • You have evidence of entitlement to any one of the following:
      • Universal Credit
      • Child Tax Credit
      • Working Tax Credit
      • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
      • Income Related Employment Support Allowance
      • Income Support
      • Housing Benefit
      • Pension Credit

You must meet all the eligibility criteria for parents/carers AND children/young person in order to be considered for a grant.

Criteria for children or young persons

Mindsum uses its own Child and Young Person’s Eligibility Criteria to assess support needs based on mental health wellbeing model. Children and young people with mental health conditions meet this criteria where there is evidence that their mental health needs impact their opportunity to enjoy an ordinary life.

To make a decision about the grant, we usually accept the evidence for any two of the five areas below:

  1. Social engagement: If the mental health condition affects their ability to take part in social engagement or taking part in group activities.
  2. Communication: Challenges around listening, speaking and understanding
  3. Learning difficulties: This may involve issues in learning social and physical skills, and progress in education
  4. Personal care: If they need support with feeding, washing, toileting or similar personal care
  5. Supervision and vigilance: If they need support with ensuring their safety.

We aim to determine that the degree of support required to meet their needs are much greater than that usually required to meet the needs of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To apply for any of our grants, please click ‘apply now’ button next to each grant. All our applications are online. To make the application process a lot easier we run a 2-step application process. In the first step, we ask some key information, and if we think you meet our general criteria, we will then send you a link to upload documents as evidence.

  • When applying, think about what would make a difference to you and your child. At the moment grant amount can only be used for counselling and therapeutic services such as:

    • Cognitive/behavioural therapies
    • Parent-child psychotherapy
    • Supportive counselling
    • Family therapy
    • Play/creative therapy
    • Speech and language therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Relationship-based psychotherapy
    • Psychodynamic therapy
    • Solution-focused therapy
    • Humanistic psychotherapy

    In the future, we aim to broaden the scope of our services so that you can access more resources and wider support.

  • Mindsum does not employ any therapists. We are building a platform to connect you with the best therapist or mental health professional. So, you will be free to find the right therapist yourself. This will give you better control and choice to access the therapies and professionals you think suit best for your child’s or young person’s needs.

  • The money will be paid into your bank account. However, from March 2021, all grants will be paid into Mindsum Wallet, that you will be able to access by registering with Mindsum web or mobile app. This will make it easy for you to take control of payments sent out to the therapists.

  • We aim to make a decision within 10 weeks of us receiving your application. We may need to discuss your application over the phone. We operate a queuing system, which means we look at the application in date order. If you have not heard from us within 10 weeks, please contact us.

  • We usually aim to fund four to six months’ therapy sessions. The type of and frequency of therapies depend on an individual’s mental health condition.

    We have limited funding and we may not be able to help with everything you need. Our aim to help you start the therapies and counselling sessions without any financial risk and hopefully learn if it worked for your child or young person.

  • We have a limited amount allocated for our Sprout and Blossom grants. These grants are offered on first come first serve basis to all eligible applicants. In case you have not been among those first served applicants, we will write to you and explain when the next grant will be available. If you would like us to consider your application for the next round of the grant, we will keep your application in our records, and it will not lose its position in the queue.

  • All our grants are subject to available funding, so we may have to decline an application where a guardian, career, or young person has a significant level of capital or household income.

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible, given the volume of applications we receive. We consider each application with due care and if more information needed, we contact you. We use a points-based system to score each application and if your application does not cross the minimum threshold, we will not be able to approve your application.

    As per our company policy for the application assessment, two members of staff review and score your application separately. So please be assured that we have systems in place to make our decision-making process fair.

  • Local authorities have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of any child in its care and to make arrangements for the mental health care of the child. Therefore, we are not able to consider applications where a child or young person is in local authority care, including those living with foster carers.

  • You can only apply for our grants once in a year. If you have applied within the last 12 months, then your application will not be considered.

  • Please use the contact us form or email us at support@mindsum.org to withdraw your application. We adhere to GDRS rules, so you can always email us to make a request in writing for deleting your data from our records. You can read about our privacy policy and how we store and manage your information.

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