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This is the third section and covers:

– List of useful resources 

– How Mindsum can help?

List of useful resources 


You can access more information about depression on the NHS website. Click here to access the link.


You can access useful resources about depression on the Mind website.  Click here to access the link.

Young Minds

There are more information and support for children on the Young Minds website. Click here to access the link.

Reading Well

There are helpful books and advice on depression for children on the Reading Well website. Click here to access the link.


How Mindsum can help? 


We can offer you all the information you will need to understand and manage depression. We have partnered with leading institutions that help us develop the latest resources including information, research and strategies to enhance our services for you. Please get in touch with us if you would like our information booklets through the post.


We can arrange an audio or video call with one of our service providers who can discuss your concerns and advise you accordingly. You can book these sessions through our interactive bot on the website or by sending us a message through the contact us page.


An initial assessment is required for us to be able to understand how we can help you to manage depression. Once we are able to understand this, we will then be able to arrange therapy sessions. Our therapy sessions are offered by qualified and vetted therapists. Upon completion of therapy, we also offer ongoing support. You can always get in touch with us whenever you feel you need extra support.

Mindsum helped me with my PTSD in lockdown | Jenifer

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